Refurbished Computers

Whether you are looking for a desktop, laptop, or anything in between, buying refurbished computer systems or parts is a smart, cost-effective choice that can save you a lot of money and help reduce electronic waste in landfills.

Our refurbished machines are purchased from professional leasing companies or large corporate businesses that frequently replace their equipment. These machines are usually around three years of age. Some also come to us through our trade-in program, where we will pay cash for your used desktop or laptop. All computers we buy, no matter what the source, are all treated to the same stringent refurbishment process.

Prices start at $49 and up for complete refurbished systems.

Our refurbished computer systems are often better furnished than typical “off-the-shelf” consumer models. And if you are looking for a specific replacement part, we offer a wide range of computer parts that are ready for immediate installation.

Are Refurbished Computers Reliable?

Refurbished computers are often more reliable than a brand-new computer!

Every pre-owned computer is painstakingly taken apart, comprehensively rebuilt, and upgraded from the ground up by one of our qualified technicians. Dymin then subjects every machine to a strict series of tests and inspections to ensure you a problem-free PC.

  • We start with a visual inspection for defects such as missing parts or loose connectors and check the motherboard for faulty capacitors known as “domed caps.”
  • Upgrades are added to increase the performance level far above the factory specifications.
  • We test basic functionality and then run a hardware-level testing program i to ensure the CPU, memory, and motherboard chipsets are running properly.
  • A DoD (Department of Defense) hard drive erasure program completely erases the prior contents of the hard drive to remove all data and protect the original owner’s privacy.
  • An operating system is loaded, including a customized operating system “image” containing a pre-installed, fully updated version of the appropriate Windows operating system. This “image” has been custom designed by our technicians to perform better than new and include all current updates, without any of the trial software and “junkware” commonly loaded on new computers.
  • The technician runs each system through a multi-point checklist, designed by our experienced senior technicians, to check every function of the computer in detail including ports and drives.
  • Each computer is then thoroughly cleaned—inside and out—to not only look new but to ensure the internal cooling systems aren’t hampered by any dust build-up. A dust-repellant spray is also applied to help keep it clean!
  • Finally, we do a complete system “burn-in test,” which stresses the system to its max to try to induce any faults that may be on the verge of presenting themselves.

Our refurbishing process has been designed to filter out any systems with potential flaws and ensure that you’re receiving only the best, like-new, quality used computer system. Because of this, your chance of receiving a defective refurbished unit is actually less than receiving a defective new one!

Our Guarantee

At Dymin Systems, every refurbished computer in our showroom is hand-selected by an experienced crew who know great computers inside and out. Our refurbished computer hardware and software options are guaranteed to run just like new but at a fraction of the cost. We include either a 90-day or 1-year “same as new” parts & labor warranty with all refurbished computers and parts.

Our selection of refurbished computers and parts changes daily, so stop in today. Our experienced IT staff will help match you with a system that is right for you.

Need Help?

Not sure if a refurbished computer is right for you? Send us a message below or call us at (515) 276-7447.