Cloud Voice

Traditional “hard line” phone systems, or “private branch exchanges” (PBX), have a lot of drawbacks.

  • They are difficult to configure, maintain and scale, tasks that require specialized IT skills.
  • They don’t integrate well with mobile devices and web-based communications systems.

But they’ve always been seen as more stable, more secure, and more reliable than internet-based or “cloud” phone systems. Nowadays, however, cloud phone systems outperform traditional PBXs on all counts.

Flexible, Reliable Communications for Today’s Flexible Workplaces

Dymin’s business phone systems use an internet connection to stream your calls, eliminating the need to install, configure, or maintain a PBX. By shifting voice systems to a managed service, enterprises can add and modify users more quickly and cost-efficiently through a centrally managed solution. Phone services are fully hosted online “in the cloud,” which means users can enjoy the benefits of your business’s phone system anywhere they have an internet connection, from any device.


Cloud-based communications systems also offer disaster recovery features not available with traditional landlines, ensuring that enterprise communications stay up even when the local phone network goes down. Data backups are maintained in secure, monitored facilities, and redundancies are built into the systems that even if one location’s servers fail the system will remain up and running.

Savings from the Ground Up

Using cloud-based phone systems can reduce your total communications costs by as much as 40%.

  • Eliminate capital expenses to install and maintain on-site PBXs and turn those costs into a fixed, monthly operational expense.
  • Reduce long-distance voice charges by routing calls over the internet. For example, calls between a business’ offices in San Francisco and Tokyo would no longer be billed as international long-distance calling but as calls over the same network—for the same cost as a call to the next town over.

Bringing your long-distance, wireless, and audioconferencing services into a single, hosted provider delivers immediate benefits to your organization in terms of simplicity (one bill, one point of contact for support) as well as cost.

Going the Distance: Integrated UCaaS

For many enterprises, web-based business phone service is a logical first step into complete, enterprise-wide cloud-based communications systems. Called “unified communications as a service (UCaaS),” these systems integrate features including internet voice and video calling, call forwarding, unified voicemail/email messaging, call recording, and audioconferencing services. Streamlining your business communications using UCaaS helps improve efficiency and productivity, reduces overhead, and improves your system’s reliability. Dymin can help your business transition seamlessly from legacy PBX telephone systems to web-based business phone services and a complete, integrated UCaaS solution.

Dymin Systems is proud to offer affordable, worry-free cloud-based business phone systems in the greater Des Moines, Iowa area. Contact us today to talk about options for your organization.

  • Caller ID – with Name Displays the caller’s telephone number and name!
  • Call Hold – Place a call on hold and take another call, or make a new one!
  • Call Waiting – Soft audible tone lets you know another call is coming in on your extension.
  • Unlimited Inbound Calls* – There are no phone line restrictions! Dymin allows all calls placed to your primary number to be passed to your business!
  • Voicemail – Every extension includes its own voicemail box – FREE!
  • Unified Messaging – Get your voicemails in your email inbox and/or on your PDA
  • Phones Anywhere – We can put a business extension anywhere you have a broadband internet connection!
  • Auto Attendant or Live Answer – Answer your business phones with a live person or with a customized auto-attendant!
  • Call Transfer – Seamlessly transfer a call to another extension or cell phone!
  • Call Forwarding – Forward your calls to another extension or to another phone in your life. Any phone number will work!
  • 3 Way Conferencing – Make a call and join 2 other people together in or out of your office!
  • FREE Conference Bridging – Your phone system comes with a free conference bridge. No more paying extra for conferencing!
  • Call Parking – Park your call here, and pick it up from any extension!
  • Extended Local Calling Area*** – Have multiple business locations in different US markets? How about no toll charges for local calling in both cities from all of your hosted phones? Ask your Dymin representative about this feature!
  • Caller ID Block – Block unwanted calls from any phone number!
  • Call Directories – See the calls you missed, the calls you made and the calls you received! One button dialing to any of them!
  • Direct Dial numbers – Assign direct dial phone numbers for extensions (optional) for only $.99 per month each!
  • Do Not Disturb – Don’t want any interruptions right now? No problem! Put your phone in “Do Not Disturb” and all of your calls go right to voicemail.
  • Anonymous Call Block – Anonymous caller ID’s can’t call you. (optional)
  • Repeat Dialing – Just like redial.
  • International Call Blocking
  • Ring Lists – Ring groups of phones at one time depending on your caller’s selections!
  • Custom Music on Hold – Provide your own music, or advertise to your customers while they’re on hold!
  • Call Recording – Automatically record all inbound and outbound calls. Retrieve and listen to any call made to or from your business. Easy web interface allows quick access from anywhere!

Optional Add on Features – $100/month

  • Presence – See which extensions are in use. Easily tell who’s on their phone!
  • Realtime Call Queues – Just like a Callcenter. Have others log into the a queue when your receptionist is on break or when you need additional staff for higher call periods.
  • Queue reporting – Detailed reports on your call queues. Make sure you are not over or understaffed on your callcenter.
  • Call Monitoring – Silently listen in on live calls, use for training new staff or for quality assurance.
  • Web Reception Panel – Simple website to monitor calls, extensions, conferences, queues, and parked calls.
  • You must have a broadband Internet connection
  • You will need data (ethernet or computer cabling) wherever you need phones. (We’ll help you with this!)

Consultations are no charge. A Dymin representative will work with you to gather information about how you operate currently, and we will work through an entire solution from top to bottom including a cost comparison, compatibility testing and a site survey**. Your system will be programmed and ready to go before you even see it! Call us today for a free phone or personal consultation! 800-811-3661, Opt 1.

  • Switch to Dymin and keep your phone number .
  • Dymin has area codes and phone numbers across the US and in other countries.
  • Quick access to local emergency services with Dymin’s E911 Service feature.
  • Unparalleled price to performance ratio
  • Quality and timely delivery
  • 24/7 Monitoring and support
  • Around the clock service
  • Customized phone systems with features programmed for your business’s unique needs
  • System maintenance and minor re-programming is FREE of charge!
  • Add a person – just add a phone! No costly upgrades or downtime!
    • Just $49.99† for the first extension per month
    • Only $10.99† per month for each additional extension
    • Low 3.9† cents per minute long distance
    • Quick access to local emergency services with Dymin’s E911 Service feature
†Rates exclude: broadband service, regulatory and activation fees and certain other charges, equipment, taxes, & shipping. Additional calling charges may apply on Basic Plans. International calls billed per minute. High-speed Internet required. Alarms and other systems may not be compatible. Offer valid in US only.
*Unlimited inbound calls are regulated to the amount of digital voice trunks in place in our data center. The number of digital trunks is based on maximum daily call volume and is increased on rolling averages. VPBX and IPBX are not designed for inbound call centers. Custom pricing and setup will be necessary for non-regular business services.
** Site surveys are not necessary for all installations. Your Dymin representative will determine if one needs to be done and schedule a technician accordingly.
***Charge is $29.99 per month flat rate to join local cities. Both cities become local calling for the other. Example: Your office in New York, NY can make free local calls to your Dallas Texas office and any local calling area in Dallas!

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