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Laptop Computer, PC Repair, & Cleaning

The Dymin Advantage

Dymin Systems is the only full-service computer repair shop in Des Moines, Iowa, that guarantees to fix your PC within the first 24 hours. We also offer free pick-up and delivery within the greater Des Moines area, including West Des Moines, Clive, Windsor Heights, Johnston, Ankeny, Waukee, and Grimes.

Our proven repair professionals perform a complete range of PC and laptop computer repair services such as upgrades and part replacement, data recovery, system board soldering, computer cleaning and much more.

  • 25% Off service on your first bill
  • 24-Hour guaranteed turnaround
  • Free pickup/delivery in Des Moines
  • Free computer cleaning
  • Full-service laptop and PC computer repair

Flat-Rate Computer Repair Service : $99

Our flat-rate, in-store computer repair service includes complete diagnosis and repair of most computer hardware and software problems. With guaranteed 24-hour turnaround, free pick up and delivery, and a fully-stocked parts showroom, you can be absolutely sure you’re getting the best and most accurate computer repair in the Des Moines metro!


A. We guarantee most repairs to be done in 24-hours or less. If you need help NOW—say, for example, your business PC is down and you have to get payroll done today—we also offer Priority Service for a small upcharge, getting you to the front of the line and your Dymin tech will focus exclusively on your PC until it’s fixed. The only exception to our 24-Hour Guarantee is over the weekends, holidays, or in the event a computer needs a special-order part.
A. The service fee covers labor only. We’ll provide you a complete quote covering the cost of parts, if necessary.
A. Almost all computer problems are repairable—it’s just a matter of cost-effectiveness. If we find that your computer has serious maladies, we may recommend a replacement option in addition to repair costs. We can custom-tailor a hand-built computer system, just for you, or you can choose a cost-effective, eco-friendly option from our wide inventory of refurbished computers.

Individual Services And Upgrades

Desktop Diagnostic Fee$40Complete diagnostics including hardware and software. Does not include repairs.
Laptop Diagnostic Fee$80Complete diagnostics including hardware and software. Does not include repairs.
Data Backup$79Complete data backup for one computer. Also includes copying to a destination if your choice and moving your documents, pictures, and favorites to their appropriate folders. ($20 discount if purchased with a computer repair)
Operating System Install$60Installation or format and reinstall of an operating system. We'll install all drivers and Windows Updates. *You must provide a Windows License Key or it must be attached to the computer
Computer Tune-Up$20Your computer will run better than new! Includes removal of extraneous start-up background applications, uninstallation of unwanted programs, clean-up of temporary files, performance settings optimization, defragmentation, and all Windows Updates.
Laptop Repair, Hourly$90Custom labor for any hardware laptop repairs, such as DC jack repairs or LCD replacement.
CPU/Processor Install$20Installation or upgrade of one desktop processor and cooling heatsink/fan.
Memory Install$20We'll ensure memory compatibility and proper configuration of any number of modules in one desktop computer.
CD/DVD/Media Drive Install$15Installation of one 5.25" CD, DVD, or media drive.
PCI/PCI-E Card Install$15Installation of one internal desktop expansion card, such as PCI or PCI-Express cards.
Hard Drive Install$15Installation of one desktop hard drive. Does not include an operating system.
Power Supply Install$20Installation of one desktop power supply. We'll neatly and professionally route all cables to maximize airflow and aesthetics.
Peripheral Install$25Installation of one peripheral device, such as a printer, scanner
Motherboard Install$60Installation or replacement of a desktop motherboard, including all integral components (CPU, RAM, Video Card, PCI Cards)
Software Install, per Program$15Installation of one computer program or software suite.
Program Restoration, per Program$20Advanced restoration of a program that utilizes a database, such as Outlook, Quicken, Quickbooks, ACT, etc.
Driver Installation$30Installation of all hardware drivers for one desktop or laptop.
Hard Drive Cloning$40We'll create an exact software clone of one of your hard drives to another. Often, this is done as part of a repair or upgrade to change to a new hard drive without reinstallation of the operating system.
Custom Labor, per Hour$80Hourly rate for any custom software work.

Dymin Systems offers FREE computer cleaning!

Just bring your computer in to our shop and our technicians will treat it to all of the following:

  • Removal of built-up dust and hair from internal fans and heatsinks
  • Thorough exterior cleaning using specialized computer cleaning solvents
  • Application of an anti-static, dust-repellant finish
  • Visual inspection for any broken or missing parts
Heat is the ultimate enemy of computers and computer components, and the best way to keep your computer cool is to keep it clean! Dust, hair, dirt, and other contaminants can build up over time and cause serious, and even irreparable damage to your computer. Our repair shop sees several computers a week that have developed faulty components due to prolonged high temperatures. By simply keeping your computer clean, you can avoid contributing to that number and save yourself aggravation and money down the road.
More often than you think! The average computer needs to be cleaned every 6 – 12 months! Keep in mind your environment. If you use your computer in a place with a lot of dust and pollutants in the air, such as a shop or basement, then plan on getting it cleaned more often. Do you smoke regularly around the computer? Then make doubly sure to get it checked and cleaned regularly. Pets can also be a high-risk contributor to cooling problems – especially in laptops!
A properly cleaned heatsink will dissipate heat optimally and keep your sensitive components running smoothly!Computers are cooled by a combination of heatsinks and cooling fans. A heatsink is a metal block attached to important internal components. The metal block is designed with fins like the radiator in a car. The fins increase the surface area of the heatsink allowing more air to flow over it and dissipate more heat.

If your heatsink becomes clogged with dust or hair, its ability to properly cool the component can be extremely diminished. This can lead to all the bad things pointed out above.

Don't ever let your computer end up like this!

Don’t ever let your computer end up like this!

Just like you change the oil in your car every 3000 miles, you should try to have a similar maintenance plan for your computers. If you’re comfortable with taking the side panel off your computer, you can do a lot of this preventative maintenance yourself! Cans of compressed air and a vacuum cleaner will suffice for most cleanings. You should also consider regularly bringing your computer in for professional cleaning. Our technicians know how to safely open your computer and remove any built-up dust hampering the operation of your computer’s cooling system.

Our computer cleaning service is absolutely free and can be done on-the-spot in most cases. We’ll also use specially-formulated cleaners to remove any stuck-on residue from the outside of the computer chassis, keyboard, or monitor and then finish by applying an anti-static, dust-repelling cleaner to keep it looking new.

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