Computer Repairs

Advantages of Dymin’s Flat-Rate Computer Repair Service

As the oldest and largest full-service computer repair shop in the Des Moines area, we have the experience and knowledge to fix your business or home computer and recommend a complete solution for your technology. Not sure what’s wrong with your equipment? No problem! For just $149, we’ll perform a complete diagnosis and put together a plan to repair any problems—even ones you might not have known were causing issues.

Free pickup and delivery around the metro makes it simple to get your equipment to the shop so we can quickly get it repaired and back into your hands. And you don’t have to worry about losing data while we have your computer; with our repair services performed in-store, we’ll make sure your machine gets back safe and sound with all of your pictures, documents, and other information intact.

Computer Repair FAQs

We guarantee repairs will be completed within 24 hours, with the exception of weekends, holidays, or the event that we need to special order a part for your computer. In an emergency situation, we can also provide priority service.

Service fees cover labor only. If parts are necessary, we will call you within 24 hours to provide a quote, and you will have the opportunity to approve the cost before we move forward.

Almost all computer problems are repairable, but the amount of work required is not always cost-effective. If we find that your computer has serious problems, we may recommend an option for replacing the device, rather than having it repaired. We can custom-tailor a hand-built computer system, or you can choose a cost-effective, eco-friendly option from our wide inventory of refurbished computers.

Free Computer Cleaning

When was the last time you cleaned your computer? If you have to think about the answer, it’s probably been too long. The average computer should be cleaned every 6–12 months, and even more frequently if it’s typically used in a space with dust and other pollutants. Contaminants like dust, hair, and dirt can build up, causing your device to overheat and become damaged. Stop this damage before it happens by bringing your computer into our shop for a free cleaning!

Computer Cleaning FAQs

Each cleaning service includes the following:

  • Dust and hair removal from internal fans and heat sinks
  • Exterior cleaning using specialized computer cleaning solvents
  • Anti-static, dust-repellant finish application
  • Visual inspection for any broken or missing parts

Your computer requires regular maintenance. In between professional cleanings, you can clean your own computer by using a vacuum or a can of compressed air to remove dirt from within the side panel. However, laptops typically cannot be cleaned at home because they require professional disassembly and deep cleaning (especially if you have pets that create additional dander or dirt). In these cases, it’s best to have your computer cleaned by a trusted professional.

Improve Your Computer

Make your computer the best it can be! With a variety of parts and upgrade options, you can customize your device so it’s exactly what you need.