Parts and Upgrades

Computer Parts and Upgrade Options

Need to replace a part in your computer? Looking to update your equipment? We have you covered! Dymin offers a wide selection of parts and upgrades for business and home computers, and all of our technicians are expertly trained to upgrade, repair, and enhance your computer and network systems. You’ll get advice from people who own and use the same parts they’re selling, ensuring they have the experience to recommend the best products for your needs.

Available Parts and Upgrades

Desktop Diagnostic
Complete diagnostics including hardware and software. Does not include repairs.
Laptop Diagnostic
Complete diagnostics including hardware and software. Does not include repairs.
Data Backup
Complete data backup for one computer. Also includes copying to a destination of your choice and moving your documents, pictures, and favorites to their appropriate folders. ($20 discount if purchased with a computer repair)
Operating System Install
Installation or formatting and reinstallation of an operating system. We’ll install all drivers and Windows Updates. (You must provide a Windows License Key, or it must be attached to the computer.)
Computer Tune-Up
Your computer will run better than new! Includes removal of extraneous start-up background applications, uninstallation of unwanted programs, clean-up of temporary files, performance settings optimization, defragmentation, and all Windows Updates.
CPU/Processor Install
Installation or upgrade of one desktop processor and cooling heatsink/fan.
Memory Install
We’ll ensure memory compatibility and proper configuration of any number of modules in one desktop computer.
CD/DVD/Media Drive Install
Installation of one 5.25″ CD, DVD, or media drive.
PCI/PCI-E Card Install
Installation of one internal desktop expansion card, such as PCI or PCI-Express cards.
Hard Drive Install
Installation of one desktop hard drive. Does not include an operating system.
Power Supply Install
Installation of one desktop power supply. We’ll neatly and professionally route all cables to maximize airflow and aesthetics.
Peripheral Install
Installation of one peripheral device, such as a printer or scanner.
Motherboard Install
Installation or replacement of a desktop motherboard, including all integral components (CPU, RAM, Video Card, PCI Cards).
Software Install, per Program
Installation of one computer program or software suite.
Software Restoration, per Program
Advanced restoration of a program that utilizes a database, such as Outlook, Quicken, Quickbooks, ACT, etc.
Driver Install
Installation of all hardware drivers for one desktop or laptop.
Password Reset/Removal
Removal or resetting of a forgotten password. Not all passwords are possible to remove, but many can be. Requires you to certify you are the owner of the device.
Hard Drive Cloning
We’ll create an exact software clone of one of your hard drives to another. Often, this is done as part of a repair or upgrade to change to a new hard drive without reinstallation of the operating system.
Laptop Repair, per hour
Hourly labor for custom or non-standard laptop hardware tear-down or repairs. Most laptop repairs are covered under our standard $99 Flat-Rate Computer Repair service.
Custom Labor, per Hour
Custom labor rate for those odd projects you might need us to do. Our techs have experience with many kinds of electronics repair or custom computer setups.

Need to repair your computer?

We offer expert repair services and free computer cleanings to keep your machines running like new.