Refurbished Computers

Refurbished Computers with Our Quality Guarantee

Whether you’re looking for a desktop, laptop, or anything in between, buying refurbished computer systems or parts is a cost-effective choice that can also help reduce electronic waste in landfills. Our refurbished machines are purchased from professional leasing companies or large corporate businesses that frequently replace their equipment. Some also come to us through our trade-in program that allows you to sell us your used desktop or laptop. All computers we buy undergo the same stringent refurbishment process, often making them better-furnished than off-the-shelf models for 40% less than the retail price.

Our selection of refurbished computers and parts changes daily, so there are always new options to explore. When you visit our store, our experienced IT staff will get to know what you’re looking for and help match you with the right system.

Refurbished Computer
Expert placing order for refurbished computer.

Dymin’s Quality Guarantee

Every refurbished computer in our showroom is hand-selected by an experienced team that knows great computers inside and out. Our refurbished hardware and software options are guaranteed to run just like new at a fraction of the cost.

We include a 90-day or 1-year “same as new” parts and labor warranty with all refurbished computers and parts.

In order to ensure you get the best possible product, we look at every aspect of our refurbished devices before sending them out the door. Visual inspections, upgrades, wiping prior data, general troubleshooting, cleaning, and more are all standard steps in our refurbishment process. This lets us filter out flawed systems so you receive the highest quality, defect-free computer!

Looking for a new computer?

Browse our selection of brand new machines to find the device you want. If you’re not sure which one is the right fit, our experienced technicians are ready to help make your decision simple.