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Cloud Backup

It isn’t easy to protect against issues such as hardware failures, natural disasters, human misconduct, user error, and accidents. When disaster strikes, your logistical plan for restoring your operations determines whether you meet the challenge with success or failure.

The Dymin Cloud Data Backup and Recovery solution provides your business with a secure, automated off-site server backup, copying critical data to two separate data centers over your Internet connection every day. Recovering your data is as simple as “point and click” from the Web-based control console, allowing you to restore data on-demand from any day in your retention period.

By letting Dymin manage your critical data back up, you can rest assured that your data will “be there” when you need it; no tapes to rotate, no couriers to deal with, and no delays for recovering your data and operations.


Online Backup Manager (OBM)

A comprehensive client side backup application bundled with various database backup modules for backing up files and databases from client-side computers to Dymin’s Offsite Backup Server, which is most suitable client for backing up servers. See the comparison chart below for full list of features.

A-Click Backup (ACB)

A light version of Online Backup Manager with all major features retained while having an easy-to-use interface, which is most suitable for backing up desktop and laptop computers. See the comparison chart below for full list of features.

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