Managed IT For Your Business

What Is Managed IT?

Typically, if your internet goes out, you call your provider. If your computer has a virus, you take it to the shop for a repair. If you lose your data, you might not even know where to look for help. But what if there was a way to solve all these problems under one roof—before they even happen? That’s what you get with a managed IT plan.

Managed IT focuses on comprehensive preventive maintenance and monitoring to ensure all of your business systems keep running smoothly. Instead of seeking help every time something goes wrong, managed IT aims to fix problems before they arise. Ongoing monitoring services often alert your provider if something is wrong so it can be repaired before you even notice a problem! This means you save time and money with peace of mind that your company is protected.

Managed IT Services We Offer

Device and Network Setup

Set up and connect all the devices you’ll utilize in your network. We’ll make sure everything is ready to go and running smoothly.

Security Management

Keep your devices safe with web defense, antivirus, and email security services to block online threats and unauthorized internet activity.

Ongoing Support

Get IT support wherever you are. We offer on-site and remote support options to fit your needs and schedule.

Data Storage

Securely back up your data and ensure its protection with ongoing monitoring services and data recovery assistance.

Why choose Dymin’s managed IT services? 

Our plans are tailored to your business’ specific needs and goals, so you get all the right coverage. Our experts take the time to learn about your company, understand your systems, and recommend a customized plan that offers the right features for your business now and in the future. We’re big enough to provide immediate service and small enough to know your business personally. 

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Our Service Plans

Maximize your business technology with our managed IT service plans.
Covering On-Premise, Azure Virtual Windows Desktop, and Intune BYOD solutions, our approach prioritizes stability, security, and scalability.
Get streamlined operations, reduced cybersecurity risks, and lower technology expenses, regardless of your business size or maturity.
Trust in our best practices-based solutions for top-performing technology.

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