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Remote IT Support Wherever You Are

Instead of hauling your device into the shop, let us fix your problem wherever you are! Whether you need help resolving a glitch, setting up software, or fixing an error message, remote technology lets us view your screen on any device through an internet connection so we can quickly get to the bottom of the issue. Sharing control of your screen, mouse, and keyboard means we can see the exact problem you’re experiencing—but don’t worry, you’ll ultimately remain in control at all times and can end the session whenever you choose. If you aren’t sure whether remote repair is the right option for you, contact a Dymin tech and we’ll help determine the best solution!


Remote Support


flat rate

  • Software issues
  • Updating settings
  • Printer problems
  • Password assistance

Schedule Remote Support

Remote support is available during regular business hours. If you need emergency support, please call us directly and select option #9.