Dymin Cloud Backup

Dymin Systems can help you create an effective backup strategy.

Hard drives that store your data are inherently unreliable by nature, with reported statistics between 2% and 15% of hard drives suffering data loss without warning each year. An effective backup strategy is the absolute best method for protecting your data.

Thank you for considering Dymin to protect your valuable work and memories!

How Dymin Cloud Backup Works

  1. A Dymin technician installs our secure cloud backup software for you remotely—no need to bring your computer in and no hassles installing it yourself!
  2. Your computer automatically copies all your important files, photos, and documents over a secure, encrypted channel over the internet.
  3. Any future changes made to your files are immediately and automatically marked to be backed up.
  4. Backups are automatically performed anywhere you are, as long as you have an internet connection.
  5. Dymin technicians continue to monitor your backup to ensure it is working. If anything seems amiss, we call you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer, and encrypted again during transit to our data center using the same security technology as banks and government websites. Your files remain encrypted while stored in our state-of-the-art data centers that are guarded 24/7!
Our software is programmed to backup the majority of common user file types and storage locations. By default, the following files will be backed up:

  1. Photos; Documents; Email; Music; Videos; Favorites
  2. Contents of your Desktop screen
  3. Common accounting and financial software such as Quickbooks, Quicken, Great Plains, and Peach Tree.

***Files not listed may be excluded by default. Please check with your Dymin tech if you want to verify that any specific files or types are backed up.

We’ll store up to 500GB of data. You may wonder why we limit our backups when other companies advertise unlimited backups? It’s because the other companies’ “unlimited” backups aren’t really unlimited. If you exceed what they consider to be the average amount of data their customers use, they’ll simply cancel your account. We don’t feel this is a fair way of doing business, so we’d rather be up front with a reasonable and fair limit.
Our backup plans are sold per individual computer. We can back up as many as you’d like, but each additional computer does have a cost. There are many ways to approach data backup. If you’ve got multiple computers or lots of data, talk to your Dymin Tech about other solutions that might work even better!
Many backup products share a major flaw in that you never really can be 100% confident that it’s working. They may provide you notifications that they’ve completed a backup, but what if that just stopped, would you notice? The Dymin Cloud Backup is unlike any other service, in that a Dymin Tech monitors your backup every day. Should your computer fail to fully upload a backup every 21 days, a technician will call you to make sure it’s working.
Should something go wrong, your Dymin Tech can help you download all your files and put them back where they belong. Basic support is included in your backup plan, but sometimes certain programs require additional dedicated technician time to “rebuild” after you’ve downloaded your backup. This is not common, but in these cases we do offer this premium support as a paid service.
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