In-Home Installation Packages

Dymin’s expert technicians will come to your home and set up your computer, network, or peripheral devices, taking the stress and confusion out of buying new equipment. If you don’t know your ASP from your email, don’t worry! Our techs will set up your hardware and configure your software so you home computer systems are connected and ready to go in no time flat—for one flat fee.

In-Home PC Setup


Whether you bought your new computer from us or not, we can help you get it set up quickly and easily—in the convenience of your own home.

This package includes:

  1. Delivery of your computer right to your home (if you purchase from us)
  2. Setup and connection of one PC desktop or laptop
  3. Configuration of your PC to your existing wired or wireless internet connection
  4. Configuration of the PC to access one existing email account
  5. Connection and configuration of one peripheral device (printer, scanner, external hard drive, etc.)
  6. Installation of up to two software applications that you provide

In-Home Network Setup


A home network lets you connect multiple computers to the internet, share files, pictures, and music, and even share a printer with all your devices. Your Dymin technician will set up everything for you—taking the mystery out of home networking and making sure everything runs smoothly together.

This package includes:

  1. Delivery of a brand new, Dymin-approved wireless router at no extra charge
  2. Installation of the router in the optimal location recommended by our tech
  3. Configuration of your network with a custom name (e.g. “Pretty fly for a Wi-Fi”)
  4. Setup of secure passwords that are easy for you and your family to remember
  5. Configuration of up to 4 computers or devices for internet access and home file sharing
  6. Configuration of your printer to share with all your computers & devices
  7. Expert tips to get the most out of your home network

In-Home Hardware Install


Need help getting your new printer or backup drive to integrate with your existing system? Internal components, backup drives, printers, you name it— whether you bought it from Dymin Systems or not, we can install it!

This package includes:

  1. Connect and configure your new component, peripheral, or accessory
  2. Install any drivers or software required for functionality
  3. Help you make the most out of your new gadget

For all our home service packages, you get all our expertise at one low, flat-rate price. When you need to be absolutely sure it’s done right, call Dymin Computer Systems!

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