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Data Recovery

Dymin Systems can recover your data when all else fails.

Data recovery generally falls into one of two categories, based on whether it occurred due to a “logical failure” or because of a “physical failure.” Once our technicians take a look at your drive, we’ll be able to determine the type of failure and let you know how we can proceed. Data recovery is a very intricate process and some individual cases may require advanced recovery methods.

Logical Failure

If you’ve lost data due to a logical failure, it means that the hard drive is still physically working, it is detected by the computer’s BIOS (Basic Input/Output System), and all its internal mechanics are working. However, the data structure on the drive has become damaged or corrupted for any of a variety of reasons. Many times, data lost due to a logical failure can be recovered right here in our store.

Physical Failure

Data loss due to physical failure, on the other hand, happens when your hard drive has a physical problem with either the internal mechanics or the electronic circuit board that controls the drive’s operations. Physical failures generally require shipping the drive to our specialists in a clean-room environment so it can be disassembled and have the data extracted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard turnaround is 7 days or less to complete the diagnostic and provide a firm price for recovery, and 30 days or less to fully extract your data and have it back in your hands. Since every case is unique, the times will vary. Many basic recoveries can be done in a just a few days.
Most hard drives can have their data recovered successfully, but it really depends on the precise manner in which your particular hard drive has failed. The type of failure also factors heavily into the cost of the recovery. The most common manner of failure that is impossible to recover by any means is called “rotational scoring.” This means that the data that was once held on the hard drive has been physically scratched off and therefore is irretrievably gone. We estimate that around 10% of the data recovery cases we evaluate are ultimately determined to be unrecoverable due to rotational scoring.
While no one can guarantee that data from any particular hard drive can be recovered, we do absolutely guarantee that you won’t pay unless you get back the files that you want! It’s as simple as that.
In some cases, a 100% recovery is not possible, depending on the unique manner in which your hard drive failed. In these cases, you’ll be given an opportunity to review the data that we successfully recover and choose whether to proceed or not. If we cannot recover the files you want, you can choose not to proceed and you won’t pay! Or, you can choose to purchase the data that we are able to recover for the originally-quoted price.
Strictly speaking, yes! However, this won’t reduce the cost of the recovery process. The same amount of time, expertise, and specialized tools are required to repair the hard drive properly and well enough to recover a single file or the entire hard drive.
Hard drives are different from most things that usually wear down over time; they have a predictable lifespan before you might expect them to go bad. However, by their very nature, they can also fail without warning and without any specific cause. Industry reports show that anywhere from 2% to 15% of hard drives fail every year—even brand-new hard drives. This is one of the reasons why a good, automated data backup strategy is vital for any files that you do not want to lose. (For more information on why and how you should have an automated data backup plan, check out this blog post.)
Data recovery is a unique skill that requires years of experience and specialized tools built exclusively for this purpose. Some people who go price shopping for data recovery options don’t know what to expect or what a reasonable price is. Unfortunately, this often leads to choosing unrealistically cheap data recovery services from companies who lack the proper ability to provide consistent results.

What data we can help you recover

  • Both Windows and Apple devices
  • Failed hard drives, flash drives, or memory cards
  • Corrupted data
  • Accidentally deleted files
  • Failed or degraded RAID arrays


What does it cost?

Each data recovery project is unique and the cost is highly dependent upon the specific type of failure. We offer free diagnostic evaluations of your hard drive with a $20, fully-refundable deposit. Based on this examination, we will let you know the type of data recovery you need and give you a firm cost based on the amount of repair and reconstruction it will take to recover your data.

Data recovery services are no risk! You will receive a firm price before committing, and you’ll be able to review the recovered files to ensure they’re exactly what you want. If we can’t recover the files you need, you don’t pay!

Basic Data Recovery

from$150 and up
  • Drives that are physically working but have suffered some form of logical failure or corruption.

Advanced Data Recovery

from$600 and up
  • Drives that require advanced recovery methods or need to be disassembled in a clean-room lab.

RAID Data Recovery

from$2000 and up
  • Drives that are part of a multi-drive array known as a RAID. These are typically found in servers
If you suspect you have lost data or are having a hard drive related problem and want to get help: Stop using your computer immediately and contact us! The more a hard drive is used, the lower the chance of successfully extracting data.

How do I get help?

To get in touch with one of our technicians, please call us at 515-412-7121 or simply fill out the form below for a quick response. We read every email we receive and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less (excluding weekends).